Haroo Planner X MJ

Illustration ︎@harooplanner


This is a project initiated by Haroo Planner to raise awareness and funds to support communities affected by anti-Asian violence and discrimination that have been surging throughout the country. Haroo Planner worked with 5 illustrators from different Asian countries to represent their culture through a concept of a “grocery bag”. As a Korean American, I chose some of the best Summer go-to snacks from Korea. Along with illustrators’ donated talent, 100% of the profit is given to AAPI Community Fund & Heart of Dinner.

Cat In Quarantine & Message From Home

Illustrations are inspired by our homes, aka 95% of what made up 2020-2021. 
Haroo’s mini prints are versatile little art pieces that can be used in so many different situations. 
It’s really up to you, how you want to use them 😏️

🖤️ If you want to use these as cards, you can get away with writing a brief message instead of an essay. How convenient!